Idaho Kombucha is handcrafted in Boise, Idaho using organic, locally farmed and foraged ingredients inspired by the landscape. Founders Mike & Terri Landa are committed to making the highest quality kombucha available without compromise.

What is kombucha?
Pronounced: kom boo cha

Kombucha is a slightly sweet and strangely sour effervescent tea. It is produced by fermenting sweet tea (purified water, organic tea and Fair Trade organic sugar) with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, also known as a “SCOBY.” People around the world have been drinking fermented tea for hundreds of years, calling it by various names and praising its probiotic benefits as well as its refreshing flavor.

Why drink it? 
We love kombucha because it’s all-natural and tastes great – but many also believe it has significant health benefits including the following:

– Enhances mental clarity
– B vitamins boost energy
– Maintains probiotic health
– Powerful enzymes improve digestion
– Aids in detoxification

We believe in being good citizens and protecting our natural environment.

Organic Ingredients
We use certified organic tea and ingredients in 90 percent of our brews. Exceptions include some locally grown, no spray fruit and wild-foraged Idaho elderberries, huckleberries and rose hips.

Fair Trade
We purchase only Fair Trade certified sugar. Just as we believe in receiving a fair price for our kombucha, we believe the farmers who grow the ingredients used to produce it deserve to make a livable wage.

All kombucha byproducts are composted including the tea leaves, sample cups and paper towels used in our kitchen. Once are hard-working SCOBY’s retire, they become nutritious chicken and pig feed.

We use recycled products where ever possible and are diligent about recycling our bottles, cups, etc.

Green Clean
Only non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products are used.

We are continually improving our processes to reduce the impact on the environment.